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The Character
It was nothing out of the ordinary. I lay relaxed on top of my recently made bed reading my new book that my sister had bought me. My room was dimly lit and my music was playing softly. Nothing out of the ordinary.  But the words on the page in front of me were fading, becoming empty. I wasn’t reading anymore. I was staring at the book. Then I was staring at the wall.
I knew this was coming. I wanted my boyfriend to come back. I needed him to hold me again and keep it away.
My fingers slowly undid the buttons on his flannel. I wish it still smelled like him. Where is he?
It’s half past midnight and the last plastic button felt nonexistent on my trembling fingertips. Why am I trembling, though? I felt so calm.
I looked down at myself. There was nothing else underneath the flannel except for a black bra. My thumb traced my collar bone and then slid down my body. It was so cold, but my skin was so soft…
I stopped at my stomach and gently placed both my hands on eit
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Always Here Part 5
"What did he do?" Ally asked and turned in front of him. His eyes were wide and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. "Ross!" He fell to his knees, and Ally rushed to catch him. "What ha-" A wave of numbness rolled over her.
A pocket knife was dug deep into his back. Ally began to take quick, shallow breaths. She sputtered useless sounds that were supposed to be words while Ross's face drained of colour. "No, Ross, hold on," she finally managed to say before she screamed for help.
"Help!" she screeched as loud as she could, "Please someone help!" Her lungs were burning and her face drenched in tears.
She clutched him close, and next thing she knew she was being carried into the front seat of an ambulance by a man.
Her stomach and head hurt from her forceful sobs, and her throat hurt from all her screaming. Numbness took her again, so she just stared out the window of the speeding car. The driver asked her if she was okay, but she didn't answer, only watched other people pull ove
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Always Here Part 4
Ally stood by her car and the man mountain Phil. She was so confused. Why was Tony here? Who was the smelly guy next to her? Why are Ross and Tony fighting? So confused...
She didn't realize she was crying until a tear tickled her chin. She quickly wiped them away and looked up at the fight.
Ross's eye was beginning to swell and it was bright red. Tony's jaw was turning a dark purple colour. Ross was obviously winning; There was a storm of punches hailing down on Tony, and finally he fell to the ground. Phil staggered over to his fallen friend and dragged him to his feet.
"Get off me!" Tony roared. Phil scowled and tightened his grip, but Tony ignored him. They whispered amongst themselves for a moment, and then laughed. Although still confused, Ally found her voice.
"Ross!" she shrieked and ran towards him. He caught her in his arms and held her tight. "Can we leave now?"
"Yeah, let's go." They had just started to leave when a large, dirty hand wrapped around her neck and dragged her
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Kat's Nightmare
I found myself in a dark dream. No, literally, it was pitch black. I puffed a sigh that made my bangs fly over my face. I tucked them behind my ear- where they just fell back over my eye- and noticed that my hair was done up in a messy bun. Looking down, I was in a small white sundress and white knit flats. I seemed to radiate in the darkness.
Cautiously, I began to walk. There was a light tap when I set my foot down; the only sound I heard besides my breathing. Well, until I ran face first into a wall.
I stumbled backwards and watched the black wall fall, shatter, and disappear. Behind it was a world of hazy white fog. Here, I was barely noticeable. I could barely see my feet. When I turned back around, all of the darkness had surrendered to this haze.
"Hello?" I hollered and squinted. There was no response, so I sighed in frustration and kicked at the ground. Total silence. This was the most boring dream ever.
Suddenly an arrow flew past me, grazing my upper arm and drawing blood. "H
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Dear Jenna
Dear Jenna,
Arms in the air,
Hair to the wind,
Feet flying,
Little white dress as free as you.
Silly little girl,
Your hand outstretched.
You thought it was a cool threat to the world,
But it was a helpful hand to anyone.
Your time came too soon.
Too soon by many many years.
Only 14.
You were only 14.
I never knew you.
Never knew your smile.
Never knew your eyes.
Never knew you.
Dear Jenna,
the world misses you.
You will always be remembered.
You blonde rebel.
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Always Here Part 3
Part 3
Ally's sleepy eyes opened slightly to the sound of her loud alarm clock. She slid her skinny arm from underneath the fluffy, warm comforter and slid the plastic switch to "off".
The green digital numbers said 5:30, or for Ally, time for school. So she slid from her big, luxurious bed and sat at her vanity across the room.
"What a monstrosity," she murmured as she clicked on her vanity lights and looked at her tangled brown hair in the mirror. It was still damp from the shower she had taken right before bed, so she brushed it out and took a fresh white towel to it. Once dry, she tip-toed downstairs to start her normal morning routine.
Ross's morning wasn't quite as pleasant. He woke up to his cell phone's alarm going off around 6:00. At first he didn't hear it, but as it grew louder he woke up.  With a grunt, he hit snooze and rolled out of bed. As he got up, a thin black notebook fell off of his lap and onto the floor; he fell asleep writing a new song.
He left it wher
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Wow hi. I'm only here because I wanted to write a poem and then I decided it was dumb and would only cause me problems. So I didn't. And aLL OF MY APPS KEEP CRASHING so no YouTube or Tumblr. Deviantart works though so I just....

I'm not having fun

So last time I wrote one of these it was the day before Colossalcon, which that went very well. Hurrah. I barely survived the disappearance of Brian for the following months but he's been home since late July. School started last week, that's not fun.

Oh dude so I read all my journals on here since the beginning and it was actually physically painful.

I cut all my hair off I have a pixie cut now.

Four day weekend this week and I am going to West Virginia. Damn it I don't wanna go omg I want to sleep and not leave bed until Brian comes over

I'm actually a very pathetic person and I am just realizing this

One year anniversary coming up I'm so excited wow one whole year and I still like him and I think he still likes me that poor confused little shit

Okay now I'm just rambling, I hope you guys have a swell day


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